IMG 0678Coming to the end of the trip we are not to far from our last night (pre booked) at the hotel Jean De Bruge in St Riqure. Unfortunately we have to detour again to find petrol which takes an age. Mostly the countryside is HUGE fields, not very nice really.

The highlight of the day was just outside Roye where we found a medieval village under re-construction. We stopped to take photos and were invited in for a guided tour. We think this is partly sponsored but it's a great project and will be a real showplace when finished.

Sandwiches in Roye and then on to Albert. Of course this is back in the Somme with the graves of untold men lost in the fields of France. Such waste. Wars would end quicker if the politicians had to go out to fight.


IMG 0686The photo of the plane is taken in the Albert railway station is (apparently) a Potez 36/14 F-PHZN and information can be found here but why is it there?