IMG 0654Our hotel in Auxerre is noisy overnight with much activity out in the street including two sets of street cleaners in the early hours. The air conditioning is turned off for reasons unknown so we have the window open and stick it out.

Another day of rural idyll on the roads, at least for a while as it shortly turns into the industrial farm with paddocks that run as far as the eye can see. At best this is unattractive.

We do make good time again today as the roads are much better than yesterday. It is a lot cooler though with the temperature persistently in the low 'teens. There are quite a few passing showers in the vicinity but we are lucky enough to skirt most of these.


Many of the villages we pass through seem derelict with many empty locked up houses. IMG 0657We speculate on the causes of these.

Lunch in Nogent s Seine (near the nuclear power station) is huge and tasty and then on to Chateau Thierry which is a big town with a lovely square but not an obvious place to stay.

Tripadvisor suggests the Hotel de l'Abbay in Longpont a little to the north which is the direction we want to go. This turns out to be a great choice although the room would best be described as a garret but it has a great view.

Sadly we are unable to look through the Abbay ruins as it's only open to groups at 3pm on weekdays (of course) and we are well later than this. Pity as it looks terrific.IMG 0667