IMG 0588The bed at Chez Rene needs a bit of work (actually replacement) but we had a reasonable nights sleep.

Today has been quiet, driving through the rural back roads of charming countryside, very reminiscent of the UK once apon a time. Mile after mile of it.

Around L'Abresle, just west of Lyon, the bolangeries have branched out into making sandwiches and lunches, very good they are too and you get to watch the baker preparing the loaves too.

Our final stop for the day at Charolles gives a bit of difficulty finding an open hotel as Tripadvisors favorite, Hotel Resturant de la Poste is on the opposite side of the road to Doreens opinion and is in any case closed on Mondays. Apparently.


IMG 0609Luckily the Clos de l'Argolay next door is not closed (takes a bit of work to find out how to get in but just press the bell) and is truly charming.

Charolles is very pretty but has clearly fallen on hard times with many empty shops - probably more than half - but it still has much charm and is well worth a walk around. Several other hotels have closed too.

We had a very enjoyable dinner at the Relais Hotel de France (the only open resturant in town on a monday).