IMG 0540Actually the Hotel Colombet was not too bad for noise. We had been told to turn off the air conditioner by 11:30 and that the room would then stay cool, this was not the case. The windows had to be opened in the middle of the night noise or otherwise.

Sunday morning has a very large Provencale market in Nyons which we very reluctantly decided to miss. There is just too far to go unless we go on the toll roads and we are both keen to avoid these.

We very much liked Nyons and the surroundings and would certainly like to stay longer in the area than we are able to this time.

The area is pretty steep (mountainous actually) and we gave Doreen instructions to set course, via back roads, to Die. No problem for Doreen but we were well off our complete map of France and heading through mountain passes with little idea of where we are. Initially quiet we found more and more motorcycles on the road was the morning progressed. IMG 0564Many driven at very high speed and only barely under control. Not so ideal.

The scenery can only be described as spectacular and we are just amazed at it all. Words just don't convey how spectacular it all is.

Die offers a selection of eateries including a nice little sandwich shop where we had our first break of the day. There had just not been anywhere else.

The afternoon through more mountain passes to the unmemorable Pont-en-Royans and then finally to a charming Logis de France, Chez Rene in Beaurepaire (seriously). There were a couple of other tries to find a hotel but this is Sunday in France and even if they have a room then food is not always an option.

A very brief around look around town reveals that it isn't a "destination". We shall be eating at the hotel this evening.IMG 0570