IMG 0497Quite a lot to do to pack up and tidy the place before we leave. We feel we have only scratched the surface of things to do in Provence and we'll have to make time to come again. So much to see, so little time.

We'd certainly stay in the house here although it would be more economic with two couples rather than just us.

We make for Mont Ventoux (1920m) which is clearly visible from many miles away although there is a lot of haze. Morning tea at Bedonit(?) is a very busy place and we soon find out why.

The Mont turns out to be a Mecca for the cycling fraternity and is clearly a "gut buster" to get up. There's at least 20km of solid uphill and there are hundreds at the top as well as a charity cycle rase, walkers, motorcyclists, sightseers and who knows what.


IMG 0503It's less fun for motorcycling as you are constantly threading through the uphill strugglers or the downhill speedsters. On the way down we were overtaken by several cyclists who were going at what seemed to us to be ridiculous speeds.

Down the other side at Malaucene is also awash with yet more cyclists having lunch. We stopped for a sandwich and to watch.

Being Saturday and with so many folk in the district we go for an early stop (3pm) at Nyons and get into our second choice, the Hotel Colombet. Spacious room and central although the clerk says the square is noisy at night. I'll just bet it is.

IMG 0510Dinner at D'un Gout a l'Autrein Nyons exceeded our wildest expectations and Christopher (mine host) has our card for when he comes to NZ.