IMG 0401My day was spent getting to and away from St Tropez. It's a fair distance and the Peage (toll road) is mandatory to get there and back in sensible time.

But St Tropez, what can I say? A traffic jam, tourist tat, nasty little crowded cafes, a car park next to the front, overall as far as I could see no redeeming features.

Essentially the whole place is a monument to money and bad taste. There is really no reason to go there unless you want to show off how big your fizz boat is to your other big fizz boat mates. If you have a small fizz boat don't embarrass yourself. I spoke to a couple of Brits on a BMW from Sevenoaks and they were also stunned.


Luckily I was on the bike and didn't have to wait all the time in the traffic, otherwise I could still be there. The back road home was much more fun but it was very narrow with a lot of opposing traffic which is another reason to stay away.IMG 0019

The photos don't do St Trop justice but I've included one. Recommendation? Avoid.

Luckily Mary had a much better day and is writing a blog entry for it.

Dinner is at La Glacier and is very much a steak or Magret de Canard and chips affair. We do have an interesting chat with a couple of ladies from Massachusetts who give us some pointers for things that are worth doing in the area.