IMG 0347No hassles this morning and we are off on a local circuit guided by the pamphlets from the Information Centre here in St Remy.

First stop the bridge at Avignon made famous by the song "Sur La Pont, D'Avignon". We sang this on the bridge (of which only half is left). There is a very good audio commentary that is included and we thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Avignon also boasts a huge Palace of the Popes but we gave that a miss as it rather looks like it would take all day. The town is on the itinerary of the Rhone river boats so there is no shortage of tourists and shops to cater for them.

IMG 0372Next us was the Pont du Gard, a huge Roman aqueduct that served the city of Nines with water for hundreds of years. A stunning feat of engineering but now they charge nothing for admission but a 12 euros to park your motorcycle and more for a car. There are no other options but it's a very worthwhile look around. You can also bathe in the river if you take your togs (ours are back at the house of course.

Finally to the very busy city of Nimes where the centre is being dug up and the GPS fails. We did find the huge Roman amphitheatre which is amazingly still in use for bull fights. Pretty much 2000 years of blood sports here. Not a nice thought. We did rather find the audio guide a bit long winded for our taste or it may just have been the lateness of the hour.

IMG 0391Anyway perhaps the highlight of the day was the ice cream Sunday in Nimes, much needed as we were pretty hot and bothered by the time we got there.

Late back to the house in time for a quick shower and walk to town for dinner, tonight at L'Olivade which was a big improvement on last night for much the same money. Very good.

An early start tomorrow as Mary has to be at the Market for her Provence cooking class