IMG 0335Overcast and a bit cooler today. After another fruitless call to the OneSmart card people and we've managed to get the Euros held captive over to my card, albeit with some small loss. Frustration.

We take the bikes for a run through part of the Alpilles regional park which has the most curious rock outcrops, quite a moon scape. Then via Arles to the coast at Port St Louis de Rhone. Unexpectedly this turns out to be a port fallen on very hard times despite an active marina, everything else is very tired with many factories derelict. We did not find the beaches but we did cross the river on a Ferry which was fun.

IMG 0341A fresh fish lunch at Chez Marius was very nice but overall Port St Louis de Rhone is a terrible disappointment.

Dinner at Le Cassolet was also disappointing and the service from a young student was pretty laughable. Apparently it was his third day and although his English was impeccable this clearly was the wrong career choice for him.