IMG 0294It took a long time to get away from the Villa Amiee, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there but time to move on. Liela gave us a map of the Gorge D'Ardeche which is a fantastic canyon. We stopped to take many many photos, including wild goats on the road.

More delay in trying to find petrol and find a working cash machine in Vals les Bains. I later discovered that I was using the wrong pin. Duh!

The area is remote but tourists are plentiful many of whom appear to come to canoe though the gorge. I'd say that would be a stunning experience.


By the time we'd finished that and gone though the back roads via Avignon we arrived fairly late (fish) at St Remy de Provence. We appear to have rented a charming house just outside the village.IMG 0304

A quick shower and wander into town in time to get a table at the very popular Le Cigalon.

A long chat with a charming couple in the resturant our French is far from up to the task but we gave it a bash.

The problem with Mary's card was that it expired (a cash machine eventually told us this rather than the unhelpful "we have been instructed by your bank to return your card"). She has only had it a few months, who would think to check the expiry date?