IMG 0505An excellent dinner here in the Hotel le Bourbon last night, not the cheapest I suspect but very very good. Breakfast likewise the best of the trip so far too.

Sadly we have had rain overnight and the market started to set up outside at 4am...... fascinating but not quiet. We've been out for a look around the market but this is not a day for motorcycling to the source of the Loire or indeed anywhere else. A second night was an excellent idea.

The rain cleared up in the afternoon and we took a walk up to the viewpoint nearby. Nothing spectacular but Yssingeaux is a nice town. A couple of hours quiet time reading was a nice relief from the concentration on the bikes.

La Casserole is our dinner location for the evening and it proves to be excellent. A very simple menu with little choice but all the better for that.


This Hotel gets a very good rating for it's overall standard.IMG 0224