IMG 0208As you would expect the Hotel de la Gare is opposite the station which isn't a problem as it only seems to be the tourist train that uses it. Our room was small but clean with a tiny bathroom and a very uncomfortable "roll together" bed.

We were at the front of the hotel and found the street noisy overnight (in fairness this may not be normal as the circus was in town). Overall an uncomfortable night.

The clothing situation has finally gotten to us and there is a laundrette in town so we decide to take a delay and get up to date. Both of us have taken far less with us than previously and we've reached the point where garments are starting to fail the sniff test. Yesterday was pretty warm which didn't help any.


IMG 0222Sadly the dryers in the laundrette in the Rue de la Fileterie don't work, well they do but there is no hot air. We tried all three with the same result. We actually don't think that the washing machine used hot water either. This is a complete swizz and the owner has chosen not to leave any contact details. Be warned.

We did toy with staying another night in Ambert and catching the circus but the thought of the bed in the hotel de la gare was quite unacceptable.

The countryside around here is spectacular and we had a great ride, successfully dodging thunder squalls, to Yssingeaux which is a drab modern town but with a very nice little hotel - the Logis Le Bourbon. Yssingeaux also boasts a laundrette, this one with working dryers so that's one problem solved. the thought of festooning our smalls around the tiny room was unattractive to say the least!

Apparently tomorrow is market day so we'll stay an extra night and have a picnic at the source of the Loire, weather pernitting.