IMG 0174Dinner last night at Hotel de la Basilique started well with a splendid crepe but the pork for the main course was dry and overcooked. Breakfast was basic too. It rather let the place down.

School holidays and weekends make for busy hotels. After some research we book the Hotel Restaurant Le Cheval Blanc in the town of Charny south east of Paris. Tripadvisor speak well of it and it's far enough on to suit us.

We stick mostly to back roads, guided randomly by Doreen, and drive through seemingly endless fields interspersed with small villages.


As usual getting a coffee or petrol is a problem on sundays and both add quite a bit to the journey. Our lunch stop proves to be excellent (a huge ham roll we split between us) and a troll around a bric a brac market in a town on the way. No idea what it was called.

IMG 0179We wonder, not for the first time, how come the French can do such good sandwiches when the British, who invented them, are so hopeless. Fresh ingredients does seem to be a key factor as does making them when needed rather than the day before.

The monument photographed is dedicated to an american aviator (Ernest B Gaston) who, we think, died this day in 1944 but we know no more than that. The flowers are fresh.

Although the room is basic we are delighted by the welcome at the Hotel Restaurant Le Cheval Blanc. Apparently it's an old 17th C Coach House, we would appear to be in one of the stables, horses long gone. It is very French complete with dog do in the courtyard but we are fine with that.... hopefully we can skirt around it.

Showers then off to find drinks and dinner.

Dinner is not the greatest, the raspberry sauce on the duck is very overpowering, and the sirloin steak was somewhat overcooked and tough.

You'd want to avoid hot weather here as the stable has little ventilation.