IMG 0132Mme, the owner(?) of Jean De Bruges does have a rather off hand manner but once you get to know her a bit it seems to work out ok, she certainly isn't everyones cup of tea. (other guests were less than impressed).

Weather today is supposed to be showers and it certainly looks that way to start with. We've decided to stay local and take a look at Amiens and the Somme battlefields. Tripadvisor recommends a Logis de France, the Hotel de la Basilique at Albert so I've booked it so we can spend a bit of time in the area and not have to start looking for accommodation mid afternoon.

We just missed the tour of the towers at Amiens cathedral (11am) which is a disappointment but the nave is just huge and very light, with enormous windows. Well worth a look. We decided to pass on Jules Verne's house as we felt that we would run out of time if we did.

The "Jungle Resto" in Bray-sur-Somme would not be at the top of the list as lunch stops go. In particular the Jungle Box would probably be worth a miss.

The rest of the day is taken up with the "Somme Remembrance Trail" which takes in an enormous number of graveyards and monuments. The number of dead is staggering as is the huge memorial/vistor centre at Thiepval.


IMG 0158Not a big days ride but enjoyable as it's mostly backroads and the weather is mild and dry. All conducive to good riding conditions. Now off for dinner and to determine tomorrows destination.


Dinner in the hotel is popular but disappointing. The pork was dry despite the copious sauce and vegetables not so good. Pity. Trip advisors recomendations of the Hotal de la Paix was too far to walk (rain was certainly in the air) and the "Le Corner's Pub" just not impressive. Ho hum.