img_9057An earlyish excape from Bourge was foiled by visiting the markets to buy picnic provisions and breakfast. Not the largest of markets but certainly interesting enough and we headed off to find the "Route Jacques Coeur".

The "Route Jacques Coeur" is quite well signposted but you have to be on the alert as there is no prior warning for them. Thus you come on the sign and have to turn immediatly, often far too hard so we clearly missed some bits. It's also much longer than we had time for with chateau and suchlike to stop and see so we really only had a taste. It would be well worthwhile setting aside a day or three for Bourge and the surroundings, take a note Lonely Planet.

img_9063Lunch in a charmimg little village green was follwed by a long and hot ride to Troyes where we followed the LP's "our pick"recommendation and stayed at the charming Arlequin hotel. It get's our vote too. Could hardly be better. Tomorrow will requre a bit more driving to get within striking distance of Calais.

Dinner at a little crepere was really first rate and sadly I did not record the name. The service started well but degenerated so perhaps a recommendation would be inapproprate anyway. There are not many places open on a sunday and most seem to be large and tourist oriented so you'll need to choose carefully.