img_8988Mr Grumpy was no better after a nights sleep so we made our escape after a llok around the town. The castle seems to be undergoing repair so there is no access that we can find which is a pity.

A fast trip along the Peage takes us past the city of Bourges which we had intended to bypass however the cathedral is huge and visible from a long distance and looks to be worth a stop despite no mention in the Lonely Planet.

This turns out to be one of the better decisions we have made. The church is rightly a world heritage building and the organist is practicing for a recital tomorrow night and the sound is absolutely chilling and spine tingling. The 66m tower is also open to the public (€5 pp) and gives a magnificent view of the city.

img_9032We spend some time afterwards in the square having our picnic and watching wedding guests arrive at the cathedral. Surprisingly this takes us to mid afternoon and after chatting with a local couple (with excellent english) we pop into the Tourist Information centre in the square and are talked into seeing some more of the sights of Brouges.

Hotel Le Christiana is very comfortable although not particularly central it serves our needs, and we are able to spend the rest of our evening loking at the palace of a local burgher made good, one Jacques Coeur, img_9040the very strange water allotments of the Marais and Nuits Luminere. (a walk through the town with various illuminated attractions)

Dinner at Le Bearnais in the main street was unmemorable.