img_8974Needless to say that the Bastille Day celebrations here were in fact last night so we missed those too. How does this work? No matter

A look around the city and a trip up to the higher level via elevator was repaid by a magnificent view and a pleasant stroll back into today.

Today we decided to buy bread, cheese and ham for a picnic on the way at what turned out to be a little steam somewhere in the country. Utterly lovely. We both ae enjoying riding the bikes on the backroads which are so quiet and mostly deserted except for the occasional huge tractor (it's hay making season)

An early stop this afternoon at Montrichard on the Le Cher river. A very small town with a couple of hotels and altogether a nice quiet place to stay for the the night. img_8979M at the Tourist informaion was very helpful but could not provide a recommendation for a hotel, just the list and pices so we pretty much picked the nearest, the Hotel La Croix Blanche.

The hotel was fine but mine host is sadly very grumpy. He has the hotel for sale and I hope he sells it soon as it is clearly causing him considerable grief.

A couple of beers in a street bar and a very reasonable dinner at the very busy Proccopio were both welcome.