img_8957The day started cool and windy for our walk about the splendid medieval town of Vitre. The place is a real joy, real picture postcard stuff. Joan met one of the locals as we are leaving who serinaded her with the songs of Elvis (actually we though "My way" was that other American but aparently we were wrong). It was rather odd and I think from the look I got from one of the passers by that this chap is the local VI but I could be wrong.

By about 11 we were off following the GPS on the long way through magic wheat fields, tiny villages, stretches of forest and all the delights of rural France. There are a few other cars but nothing of consequence in the main.

We headed fo the Loire Valley and it seemed approriate to head for the img_8965Helix Terestial, the second time for me but it's just as odd as last time. I can find no referance in Google at the moment so you'll have to make what you can of it.

Chinon is our last port of call and the Hotel I stayed in last time is saddly full so it's the Plantagent which is not so good but quite acceptable. The third floor again is a bit tough though.

An excellent dinner at La Saladerie. Warning, the salads are BIG!