img_8936A fine morning shows of the Seine to perfection and is deal for a walk to the chateau. It's well worth the 20 minute stroll with magnificent views up and down the river.

As we watch the Bastille day ceremony a few drops of rain indicate that all may not be well and as we mount up the heavens open. So much so we pull into a car wash (with a roof) to shelter. Two hours later there is still no let up despite considerable wishful thinking that “the sky is lightening over there”. Not.

Eventually we have to give up and get wet otherwise we will never get to Vitre. At least the roads are dead quiet as it's a holiday for pretty much img_8944everyone. After an hours ride the weather does clear up and we are able to dry out. In fact the gear is pretty good and we stay warm for the most part. Gloves and boots are particularly vulnerable to rain and there's not much you can do about it.

Mayenne is an interesting stop, there's lots of people about and we pull into an impossible car park just in time to avoid another dowsing. A coffee at a rough looking cafe is not too flash but better than standing in the rain.

Vitre is every bit as scenic as we remember it and of course M at the hotel is “so sorry, the Son et Luminere was last night”.

Dinner at la Botte Doree is excellent and the cheapest we have had, really supurb