Tuesday 15th July

ImageLast day for the ladies on the trip and we started as is customary with a walk about the town for coffee and a pain aux raisin. We had a good look at the cathedral and yes, it is very old and really very beautiful. It seems to be Clermont Ferrand's main (only?) redeeming feature.

And last night it seems that nobody did want to steal my F650, or worse mess it up. It sat alone and untouched. Phew.

After a bit of a chat with Doreen and the Lonely Planet is seems that the Millau Viaduct is not the same as Millaux and is in fact much nearer to Clermont Ferrand so onto the main route south and after a very intimidating 'continue for 210 kilometres', the bridge eventually came into view. It's very disappointing that Joan could not be here to see this as I know she would find it as wonderful as I do. The Lonely Planet  describes it as 'breathtaking' and yes that's pretty apt. Certainly a wonder of the modern world in my opinion.

A run over it and under it are both vital and although it's quite a distance it really very worthwhile.

Once off the freeway the temperature in my suit builds up rather rapidly and the walk to the Millau Bridge viewing area has rather upped the ante. Image By the time I get back and have had a chat with several Brits who spot my number plate it's time for a cafe and mineral water in Millau town.

This research leads me to the view that Millau is a bit over populated with tourists and the alternative of a trip up the Gorges du Tarn to Florac looks like a winner and my word is it ever. The road is in part pretty good, in in part hairpins, and is a very challenging for me with few, if any, safety barriers. The views of the gorge however are fantastic.

Even better in some ways is that Florac is a great spot with a splendid restaurant , La Source du Pecher and an equally splendid hotel, 'Grand Hotel du Parc'. It is a long way back to the north of France though.