Thursday 10th July

ImageTook a walk into town then drove part of the Michelin guide route towards Vichy, which the book describes as very scenic, but it's very hard to find the way. The GPS struggles to stay on track and programming it is near impossible as it keeps 'recalculating'. The route numbers don't always marry up and while it's quite clear on the large scale map the thing is the size of a bed sheet. Quite impossible to manage.

Eventually I had to give up and take a cross country to Le-Puy-En-Velay, our agreed rendezvous. It was a hot as Hell, not a cloud in the sky and with hindsight I would have to say I was somewhat dehydrated. The town however is really very impressive with a huge statue on a rock promience and a chapel or something on another. Fabulous as you come down the hill into the city.

ImageSurprisingly I arrived first and a few text messages later we were reunited. Our first thought was to get a hotel outside of  Le-Puy-En-Velay and we made the trip to St Pauline where the Des Voyageurs turned out to be compete (full), despite all the keys hanging in the reception area.

A couple of phone calls got us into Le Bilboquet back in Le-Puy-En-Velay (a somewhat wasted round trip, particularly when you're sweating like a pig). A brisk shower and we cruised into town for a couple of drinks in the square (du Port I think). On balance being in town was far better.

Dinner gave us several choices, assisted by the Lonely Planet, we selected the oddest, the restaurant Marrakech. This turned out to be a 'you get what you're given' yes food and wine and it was all excellent. The proprietor Monsieur Momo took a real shine to Lynn and we had quite a laugh, most of it at her expense :)