Wednesday 9 July

ImageAnother wander through Senlis and breakfast on a pain aux raisin and expresso. A quick check of the email revealed something of a cock up with not just my return booking deferred (I had asked for it to be put back a few days) but also Mary's. A couple of phone calls to NZ and to Mary followed, the situation remains unresolved.

Apparently Joan is pretty sore, not a great surprise to me, she fell pretty hard, and will not be joining Mary and Lynn on their trip to France the morning.

Doreen, the faithful GPS, once again took me on the Paris Peripherique, a road that needs to be avoided as the traffic and driving  is terrible. I got off it and headed for the centre, (could it be worse) and was rewarded with a look at Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower. Surprisingly parking the moto in Paris is easy, you seem to just leave it on the footpath.

Seemingly hours (5:30pm) and two fills of gas later I got off the Peage and arrived at Montlucon, a town apparently with a medieval centre which I couldn't find and an unprepossessing remainder.
Off the Peage and down to more rational speeds I realised that the day has become pretty warm, not a cloud but I gather raining in the UK, and the jacket/trouser vents really are not enough to get adequate air flow. Now I really do miss the cooler NZ gear, first time this year though.

Image Since Montlucon was a bit of a disappointment I carried on with the start of the Michelin route to Vichy. At the first town, Neris-les-Bains, I rather decided would be pretty enough for an evening walk as I suspect it has thermal pools somewhere (my new trunks are still in the UK) but notwithstanding. The hotel “Le Centre et Proxima” is also somewhat unprepossessing but reasonably priced and quiet. Now to explore but first clean cloths and a shower.


The town has a casino, for what it's worth. It's clearly a spa and a nice one but no real restaurants or interesting cafes. back to the hotel for a very nice menu dinner and conversation with Jon and Sue, an Australian couple.