img_7741Breakfast around the corner at the Cafe Ruba is to be recommended. Splendid scrambled eggs and the coffee is the best I've had.

No fooling about this morning, we fill with petrol as the road to Napier is another one short on petrol stops and we are gone by 9:15.

Sadly the Sunset Bar at Mahia disappoints as there is no crayfish, despite their advertising hoarding.  I am assured by those who know that the chocolate cake is not a satisfactory substitute

The cafe in Wairoa is however just as good as last time, unfortunately I've forgotten it's name, but will find it later  :(img_7752

Every time we stop yet another crowd gathers to enquire about the Spyder, Mary is developing something of a 'patter'. Shame we can't have a whip around afterwards....

Napier is embroiled in traffic and roadworks and our plans to stay in Havelock North for dinner at the Post Office are foiled by some sort of golf convention. Every hotel is 'No Vacancy'. This is not only unexpected but a major inconvenience as we then have to trail all the way back to Napier which is also pretty full too.

img_7760A night in a Bella Vista seems the best choice as we have both become cold and tired by this point. Dinner will need to be good.