img_7691The wind blows like a dervish here, you could here the roof banging in the night. Apart from that it's another cloudless "Hawke Bay day".

Our need for breakfast was a surprise to mine host, I have no idea where he thought we might eat, this is a lonely place. Anyway we imposed on him to find some grub.

Common sense indicated that we should not undertake 20km of gravel road to the Cape on herself's first serious outing. This was confirmed in a couple of road excavations where Mary said it was ok in first but wanted to 'fish-tail' at anything faster than a walking pace.

We missed the gas station at Te Araroa because of skipping the Cape and the Spyder is a thirsty girl. We arrived at Ruatoria on with nothing on the fuel gauge except the makers name having had the low fuel img_7701light on "for ages". [actually not true of the manual is to be believed, the tank is a stunning 25 litres so there were still 6 left when we filled up]

Tea at Sharon and Hilda's Place in Ruatoria, no coffee as 'they' had not brought any yet. The cake was ok and a couple of lads came by and started playing guitar after the obligatory admiration of Mary's craft. I could feel quite left out. They were all very friendly I must say and Ruatoria's reputation for being rather rough seems undeserved (although I would still not want to stay there).

We wandered along Tokomaru Bay's wharf ignoring the signs warning of it's imminent collapse. Rather sad I think, the Council should be keeping it going as a tourist attraction. Certainly the NZ Shipping Company Offices should be maintained rather than being allowed to fall down.

img_7711A belated lunch at Cottles Cafe in Tolaga Bay which is the "home of the famous pies", I'd never heard of them but mine was pretty good. The wharf there is undergoing restoration so at least one looks like it might be kept going, no thanks to the Council I gather.

By this point the sun has really warmed up and we are stripping out the liners from our gear, just in time for it to cloud over and the promised scattered showers to arrive. Luckily it holds off until, just as we pull into Gisborne and get off the bikes the heavens open and we are fortunate to be able to get the essential supplies, new reading glasses for Mary and a new phone charging cable for me while the deluge continues.

The Pacific Harbour Motor Inn is again able to find us a roon, not as nice as last time but quite adequate and once more we'll look to 'The Works' on the other side of the harbor for dinner.img_7676

I'm very pleased to report that Mary is starting o get the hang of cornering the Spyder, Speed and control are really picking up.


Dinner at the Works is a little on the overdone side, that said we were very happy with the ambiance and service. We'd go back for the prawns in pastry, they are first rate. The DVD is 'Outnumbered', not 'Outrageous'. Episodes 3 & 4 were just as funny.