East Cape Again

img_7658Will it all fit in the Spyder? Will it rain? What shall I take?

It's hard to get out the door and there is some considerable uncertainty about the weather, periodic downpours are a bit disconcerting especially for our new chum. We finally make it onto the road just before noon and head towards Thames in somewhat mixed conditions. Add a comment

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img_7677A spectacular morning at the Mount followed by a really good breakfast at the cafe just next door, sorry the name escapes me.

The trip to Ohope Beach is really scenic as usual and by a lucky chance our friends there are not only in but standing on the deck as we arrive. They had no idea who the bikers arriving on their front lawn were. They came to the party with lunch though. Add a comment

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img_7691The wind blows like a dervish here, you could here the roof banging in the night. Apart from that it's another cloudless "Hawke Bay day".

Our need for breakfast was a surprise to mine host, I have no idea where he thought we might eat, this is a lonely place. Anyway we imposed on him to find some grub. Add a comment

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img_7741Breakfast around the corner at the Cafe Ruba is to be recommended. Splendid scrambled eggs and the coffee is the best I've had.

No fooling about this morning, we fill with petrol as the road to Napier is another one short on petrol stops and we are gone by 9:15. Add a comment

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img_7764Napier is a quiet town, except for the road works but put on a very passable dinner at MED in the Masonic Hotel. An easy walk back to the Bella Vista.

Breakfast at Cafe Divine was also pretty good, we've had a good run in Napier, long may this continue. Add a comment

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img_7776After Mary's sesmic night I had breakfast alone and left herself to stage a tentative emergance.

The run home was uneventful with the highlight being the tauranga Direct Road, SH38, which is underging considerable renovation and improvement through the Mangorewa Gorge. Mary says that it's unsuitable for three wheelers as the road surface is all over the place. It's very scenic however and cuts quite a bit off the distance. Add a comment

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