P1080111Woken by a local boat puttering around outside. Our captain waves them off but then thinks better of it and follows them back to the village to see what they wanted. They were selling lobster but had sold it to one of the other boats moored here! Bugger.

First stop is to see if the manta rays have come out to play. The channel is a bit rough but even if we don't get into the water everyone is keen so we take a couple of turns around the channel in the tender. Sadly no luck, we'll just have to come back.

The destination for the night is back at Octopus Resort, for a snorkel, actually this is the best we have seen with many many fish and fantastic shapes and colours on the reef.

We've run out of most of the comestibles we purchased but not quite reached the bottom of the barrel but no one is keen to cook. The resort say they can accommodate us for dinner and our Captain is happy to pick us up afterwards, the dark and low tide on the reef combine with a few(!) drinks to make it unwise for us to attempt it.

The manager of the Octopus, Cesare, makes us most welcome as does Tom the bar man, overall an excellent evening with first rate dinner. This place rates a very highly recommended.