P1080002Mary and I drop back to see the chief in the morning with Mary's spare pharmacy reading glasses. I stop and chat with the Chief who has made it outside to take in the view while mary sees if the glasses are useful. The Chief would like a pair of sun and reading glasses too but is not owning up to that while his wife is there.

Two other ladies join us,one with a baby and the other the preacher. They are Methodists. We have their address now and will send some specs of various sorts on our return.

Life is pretty hard here.

Some snorkelling on the beach and we have an experiment with the local coconut de-husker/cracker (a wooden spike stuck in the ground). We are hopeless and manage to de-husk a couple with great effort. One of the island girls we met earlier passes and shows us how it is done. She makes it look so simple. There is even a shaped stone that we hadn't noticed(!) that is just the job to open them.

P1080063Back on board we motor to the Blue Lagoon Resort, there is a parcel of clothes on board for the local villagers there. Some confusion as there are actually two resorts adjacent to each other but the deed is done and we motor on through the Blue Lagoon and back to the earlier anchorage of Navati.

There is still time to try again for the nearby Samosamo village and there we are greeted and are taken to the 90+ year old lady chief, and various family members. Guest books are signed, kava and money change hands and we are given a giant cassava(?) root and instructions on how to cook it.

The village is over 300 people and has some solar power but is clearly still very poor, the people however are not at all resentful and quite charming. Amazing.

The cassava is very good, a bit like potato.