P1070967Much calmer although still fairly windy. The morning's project is a trip to the beach, a walk across the island to the other side where a wartime fighter had crashed in the lagoon. There are an elderly couple we met and the 86 year old lady actually saw the event as a little girl. It's a very isolated spot with great beauty but you wonder how long a couple in their 80's can manage alone there.

I did not get out as far as the plane but the rest of the party did.

The old couple we extremely friendly and we had a pack of biscuits and Weetbix to give them.The man guided us back as we had rather missed the path on the way over.

Tuna kedgeree for lunch and onward to Nacula Island in the afternoon.

P1070985Malakati village seemed deserted except for a chap banging a wooden drum at the church. Seems that he was calling the faithful to service but broke off to take us to the chief. The village is small and the locals are obviously very poor, only some 80 of them.

The chief has a poor knee and his wife looks like something is wrong with her eye. Charming and friendly none the less and grateful for the kava that we have brought. After we leave the chief's wife takes Mary aside and asks if she has any spare glasses, not clear if she wants sun glasses or reading but Mary promises to see if there are spares on board.

(Later- There was only one pair of reading glasses, we have ransaked the warehouse and sent them a selection of both)