P1070929xA short (an hour or so) trip to Tokatokaunu Pass, a narrow channel where the manta rays come out just before high tide but only if they feel like it. Today they were not in the mood despite there being a lot of other tourists. Frankly it didn't matter as the snorkelling was really great.

After a great start the weather went to rain and wind and we moved on north to a north coast bay on Naviti. The weather is not conducive to getting off the boat with white caps but we did give it a try to get to the local village (we have kava to offer the chief for a dispensation to take a tour of the island).

After a good sluicing heading into wind on the tender we returned to the vessel to dry out. One of the crews silk top and white cotton trousers was no longer presentable to the locals who like their white women coved up modestly.


Sadly said immodestly clad lady slipped on the stairs in the boat and took a nasty tumble on her knee.

Some of the locals dropped in in the evening to the boat to sell us fish, rather to my disappointment we declined as there is apparently a copious supply in the freezer onboard.