IMG 0193I slept badly due to a combination of too much to drink and worry about the lost phone. Not handed in.

Anyway the next stage of the trip occupies our attention. Packing up, breakfast, checking out, etc. Our driver picks us up at 10am and we head into Nadi to the vegetable market (stunning), the supermarket (less so), the Vodafone shop for a new phone :( and the butcher.

The Nadi Vodafone people get a five star rating for helpfulness. They even transferred the credit from my lost sim card and I kept the number. Great. (Not quite so good actually, the phone turns out to be locked to Vodafone Fiji and they can't/won't unlock it)

There's a lesson here, make sure that you can secure your phone before you lose it.

Lunch and more shopping (bread, beer, etc) at the Marina and where we board our vessel for the trip around the islands. The boat(?) turns out to be more than stunning. We are impressed.

P1070823Loading up takes a little while as the beer delivery to the boat seems to take a while. In fact we have to go and find the guys who apparently can only do one thing at a time. Island time.

Our captain (Andrew) takes us out to Musket Cove for the evening and dinner ashore is a Mongolian barbecue. Much of the rest of the trip will apparently dining be on board, hence the large number of supplies.