IMG 1538We've pretty much run out of the sights so it's repeat the lunch in the Marina (Lulu's) and then the afternoon at the pool.

The bad news is that in one of the moves to keep in the shade my new phone got lost (stolen?). Not handed in, not to be found, bugger! Good job I did not buy the new duty free iPhone in Auckland.

A lot of anxiety and changing of key passwords. Sadly I'm not able to remote wipe it :( Good job it's encrypted. Strange how you feel naked without the phone these days. What did we do before? If the person who kept it want's to be honest contact me and no questions asked.

An excellent anniversary dinner at the Flying Fish at the Sheraton (including anniversary seranae from the staff and cake!) and the nice concierge took us back to our hotel in his golf buggy. Apparently I was quite loud.