P1070791Woken early by a cherry picker outside our window with people hacking at the palm trees, taking down coconuts before they fall on anyone. Great start to the day.

Decent breakfast at the very large Westin and a walk around to find the beach, astoundingly there isn't one at the Westin, just a rock sea wall and of course a pool complex.

There's a shuttle bus (the Bula bus) available that takes a circuit around the many hotels to the marina and back. We buy a four day ticket and take a walk to see the rest of the (huge) complex. There is a beach of sorts at the Sheraton, not too appealing.

The Bula bus takes us to the Marina for lunch and a look around and booking the evening meal at Bonefish.

The pool back at the hotel looks great but it's not like Langkawi, quite cold relatively.

Our friends from NZ join us for dinner at the marina.