IMG_2136The day starts with a quick look at Rodez cathedral and then a swift trot to the bar opposite to watch the All Blacks trounce France in the rugby. There was little interest in the latter parts of the game in the bar. Surprising.

This rather brought us to lunchtime having only travelled a couple of kilometers so after a very nice sandwich we et off by back road to Villefranche-de-Rouergue, a charming stone town on the banks of the river Lot.

From Villefranche we are able to take another scenic route through the Lot Valley (very very spectacular) to Cahoots stopping very frequently and often unexpectedly for photographs.

IMG_2132We arrive later than we expected and the Hotel Terminus, which is old and expensive and not a little tired. A bit like us really. It's also very near the station which bodes ill for a quiet nights rest. Luckily it has an elevator as we are on the third floor and a nice little balcony.

I drop the bike getting it off its stand in the car park trying to move it and the trike packs a sad in sympathy and jams it's transmission in gear. The former is easily fixed by the two of us lifting leaving the main damage is some missing paint and my pride. The Can Am manual however unhelpfully suggests removing the key or that we should get it repaired by an authorized service centre. Luckily removing the key was adequate and it frees itself but it's easy to see how this could be a serious problem and more helpful instructions should be available.

IMG_2144And so we'll find out what delights Cahoots holds for us, the internet is not available in our room (this place compares very unfavorably with last nights Hôtel Ferme de Bourbon) ho hum..

Google maps gives only a few choices of restaurants in our part of Cahors and several are hotels and one is a takeaway. Wanting something less pretentious than last nights Acropolis we selected the Bordeaux and were able to sit on the terrace far enough away from the omnipresent smokers for them not to bother us.

It turned out pretty well as although the service was very slow the food (frogs legs followed by fois gras) was very good. Mercifully the Hotel Terminus was quiet without too many trains passing in the night.