IMG_2117An earlyish start and packing to transit to Rodez via the scenic route, not any great distance but we want to avoid the afternoon heat.

We've decided that the one thing missing about the Convent des Ursulines is the hospitality factor. Sometimes that's a good thing but since the owners live on the premises you'd have thought a hello, everything ok? Goodbye, nice to meet you, etc., would have been in order. We'd mark it down as 4 rather than 5 stars for this reason alone but this should not deter anyone from going.

IMG_2122Our trip takes us through spectacular countryside, river valleys, mountains, vineyards and all sorts. The general route is Pezenas, Lamella els Bans, St Pons de Thomieres, Lacaune, Requista, Rodez all with some excursions of Doreens. Overall great motorcycling country and luckily not doo hot, probaly due to the elevation.

The prebooked Hôtel Ferme de Bourran is excellent but we are inclined to doubt the claim that it's "a short walk from Rodez city centre" as the cathederal looks to be a long way away