IMG_2097Another day trip, this time to the country, firstly to Clermont l'Herault an unmemorable little town with a large cathedral. This latter turned out to be in use, something of a rarty with a full congregation of adults and children. Quite remarkable and pleasing to see.

This was followed by a trip to the "prettiest village in France", St Guilhen el Desert, a very very scenically located village in the Herald river gorge. Unfortunately this is a place over run by coach tours and paid car parks (not for motorbikes however) but the ambience and attractiveness are well spoilt.

IMG_2110By lunchtime the temperature has crept up into the high twenties, low thirties and we take a very attractive route through Lodeve and up into the hills around Bedarieux then back to Pezenas. There's a scrub fire going on which has planes and helicopters dumping water - quite exciting.

We can't believe that it's over a week since we got to France!