IMG_2082Convinced by the words in the Convent des Ursulines info book and a chance encounter with an Aussie and his Dad we hit the road for Montpellier after and eventful night of interruptions by dustbin men (we assume) and the marauding dogs in the secure car park (just like Colditz) opposite.

The drive is uneventful except for the interesting lack of signs around the city. Doreen took us down several blind alleys before finding a car park. A quick change and we were off the the market.

IMG_2080Sadly the Convent des Ursulines info book says the market is on Wednesdays. It isn't (or if it is it's very small). The town is worth a look with lots of little streets and shops, so many shops, many of which are exactly the same the world over.

Overall an interesting town but if you missed it it wouldn't be a complete tragedy.

Dinner on the other hand at Le Pre St Jean in Pezanan is not to be missed, Exquisite albeit not a touch expensive.