IMG_2068The weather seems to have settled back into sunny and dry and perhaps a bit windy. Mornings have been coolish but it gets warm (high 20s) in the afternoons.

We figure you can't go to the south of france without going to the beach. Trusting the Lying Planet once more we head for Sete, a large fishing port apparently. This turns out to be strictly speaking true but unless you like mad drivers and hoards of tourists then it's probably not a sensible destination. We didn't care for it anyway.

IMG_2076There has been a tsunami of building work along the coast with all manner of apartments, villas, hotels and who knows what. As you drive along you see many naff developments which must be popular as there are so many of them. I can't help but wonder if this was planned and if so is this what they expected it to come out like?

We had a simple and very excellent sandwich in Sete and drove SW towards Adge. A walk along the beach was nice but the sea seems cold and the beach quite crowded. Overall we'll pass on the coast.

Dinner was difficult. The two closest resturants were (despite being empty when we got there) 'complete' so we ended up at the "poisson vert". This was less than successful as the food was at best ok but the terrace smoking was intrusive in the extreme. We'll book at the recommended resturants tomorrow (or head back to le Vieux Coq)