IMG_2043Rain is very bad when you are on a motorbike. This morning there was quite a lot of it outside so a delay in departure was very advisable.

Mary reports that the centre of Millau is no different to most other cities, noisy at night. People shouting, dustbins being emptied, generally noisy.

By about 11 the rain had eased enough for us to venture out to the bridge information centre and get a proper view of the Millau Bridge. It has to be one of the wonders of the modern world. Going over it is something of a disappointment as you really can't see it tho'.

IMG_2055From Millau we let Doreen take us on the back roads to Pezenas. I really could't tell you where we went except that it was very very scenic. It was also very cold in the hills dropping for a time to 10C

The Convent des Ursulines is just as good as the brochure and we are delighted with it. Very very spacious with a nasty spiral staircase up to the bedroom, single file only I'd say.

The evenings excursion into Pezenas is a bit hit and miss but we find an excellent restaurant, Le Vieux Coq, purely by chance. We then have to find our way back and risk the hideous spiral.

Tomorrow should be a bike free day.