IMG_2023Market day in Issoire is not huge but rather fun none the less. The pain aux raisin was very poor but the coffee good so we were off to a latish start. The Hotel du Tourism was very serviceable and reasonably priced, no problems with the train service luckily.

We've decided on the scenic route via Le Puy en Velay and through the Gorges du Tarn. Le Puy en Velay has a medieval dress day which is interesting but we stop at a fascinating village just out of town as the city is far too busy.

IMG_2028The Gorge is tremendous and great for biking and sightseeing. Sadly I've lost track of the days and had no idea that being a Saturday the hotels and so forth would be full. None of this detracts from the fabulous vistas and magic roads. Not too much traffic but quite a few groups of bikes pass, we are getting tired of waving to them.

Finally we make it to Millau and the Mercure in the middle of town is not cheap but does have spacious rooms and free breakfasts for us oldies. Time for a drink and dinner!


What a differnce between today and yesterday. Our Lonely Planet, the 2007 edition, suggests several resturants, The first we tried, Le Mangeoire, we were comprehensivly ignored by one of the staff who came to the desk to check his phone and then disappeared. IMG_2031Needless to say we moved on. Not one word nor a glance. This was a repeat of our first cafe where we left aftter 10 minutes without gettng any service.

At the adjacent Le Marmite du Pecheur, apparently run by an engaging young couple, we managed to get a mediocre meal which certainly did not qualify for the "especially enticing" description. We settled for a main course only because of the poor service and even the coffee was poor. 

Overall Millau makes it into the books as a place to pass through en route to other places. See the bridge and go to the Gorge but do not attempt to stay, they have gotten over vistors in a big way!