IMG 0337The B&B Le Petit Chapitre was not really that comfortable, we found our room small acluuered and none too clean. Overall not a good night.

You might think that getting a map of France in France should be straight forward. I can state from personal experience that it is not so.

We spent the best part of the morning trying to find a map and/or get sense out of Doreen in both Chimay and the nearby modest French town of Avesnes. By 1pm I was ready to tear out what little hair I have left.

In the end we sound a detailed map of NE France in a tobacconist (of course)  and we plotted a course for the nearest town to our booked hotel. Overall you get very casual with the GPS, especially in towns, we had a number of odd excursions to parts places we would not have visited normally.

Eventually we arrived at our hotel around 6pm.  Phew. A new GPS is a definite requirement.

Later: Dinner at Chateau Cocove is as good as always and a a pair of Parisens staying confirm it as a "top choice". Only 30 mins to Calais is a bonus.