IMG 0340Somewhere in Belgium.

Doreen, our faithless garmin GPS finally parted company with sanity and became mostly unusable. The phantom fingers press her buttons causing unexpected route variations, changes of screen and random acts of confusion. 

On previous occasions when she has warmed up all has been well but today? Not so much.

Depending on the Michelin map is unfamiliar.

IMG 0339Anyway a nice and much cooler day threading our way though the backroads of Luxembourg, Belgium and France (passports at the ready but no one to show them to) . The border town between Luxembourg and Belgium boasts no few than 13 petrol stations. Presumably fuel is much cheaper in one of them than the other. Not needing any we never found out which.

Our night stop in Chimay is easy to find albeit that the rooms are cluttered and very quirky. Dinner at a very nice cafe (La Chimassiette) in the square. All in French, no one has any English so things some parts of the meal are a little surprising.