IMG 0330We knew that this would be a long day running through from Colmar to Luxembourg City however we also know that we could shorten it by jumping onto the motorways. The first couple of hours (after the customary late start) were through more glorious countryside on the "route de Vins d'Alsace".

We found a bakery and bought a picnic and ate by the side of a shady river in a town somewhere. All very nice but there were new knocks coming from the Spyder and just before we left after lunch I chanced to shake the rear mudguard.

Oh dear! Same problem as before the vibration has shaken the b****dy thing off and ruined the fixings. Fortunately the town was open and a very kind Renault dealer gave us access to his box of washers (huge it has to be said there must be a lot of Renaults with missing washers).

IMG 0331Anyway there must be better ways to spend an hour than fitting washers onto bolts in the tiniest space available.  Dirty hands, sweaty (another 30C day) and generaly p'd off.

We finally arrived about 5:30 and had a very welcome shower. Much angst about parking the bikes and we decided the €29 per bike per day was way excessive for parking so we did the French thing and dumped them on the pavement.

An excellent dinner at the nearest resturant.