IMG 0326A nice breakfast at Le Colombier and off around the very twee old town. 

Turns out it's market day in Colmar as a bonus.

There are several museums of which we took in two, the Unterlinden (medieval art) and the Bartholdi (creator of the Statue of Liberty).

A sandwich lunch with what I am assured was a fabulous smoothie with proper home made ice cream. Just so good.

I have to buy another T shirt as tthe two I bought are starting to hum. A charming couple in an olde world shoppe have one apparently in my size so I bought one. A miracle of sartorial elegance me. 

It's another hot day here fortunatly the narrow streets provide ample shade and although we can hear the IMG 0327afternoon thunder no rain appears. Late afternoon has us back at the hotel for a well earned sit down and clean up.

We (I) think the birds with the huge high nests are storks. They definately have long legs and big beaks.