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Dinner at the Ibis was ok but breakfast was a little unsatisfactory. Basically it is a travellers hotel and that's that.

Something of a mystery tour today. We are just off the to the west of both the Switzerland and Germany maps I bought and did not think to bring the French one. Dolt!

Worse was that Doreen, our faithful GPS, packed something of a sad and refused to co-operate pretending that buttons were being pressed by fingers other than mine. Eventually she was coerced into working properly but I suspect she may have reached her use by date. She can be replaced - but not yet!

Interim solution? Simple - go back into Switzerland and take the glorious rural back roads to La Chaux de Fonds then back across into France to Altkirch where we found a cracker little 'salon de the' for a late lunch with cake and chocolate mousse in my case. Oh La La!.

The open meadows don't have a lot of fencing and there is a great urge to head off across them on the bike like some kind of Steve McQueen in the Great Escape. Not much traffic either!

IMG 0324

Once again the border posts are empty and the roads clear. Only the old signs and empty border guard buildings remain as silent witnesses to the stupidity of controlling the movement of commerce and the public at large. Why anyone would wish to return to the old days bewilders us.

The photo is of an enterprising bird that has taken up residence in a high vantage point on one of the many churches.

Luckily the morning was not too hot, around 25C which is perfect biking weather but it did warm up later in the day and hit 34C by Colmar. The last 60km from Mulhouse was on the motorway as we both were very keen to see the hotel by this point and miss the dark, towering thunderheads that were forming all around.

Our plan is for two nights here and a look around "little Venice". Our base for this is Le Colombier which is right in the old part of town.

Dinner last night was at the No 2 ranked L'Epicurien, superb. Fois Gras is a local delicacy. More Yum!