IMG 0316A very pleasant night at the Alp Fleurie. The people are charming and the breakfast first class. Proper boiled eggs, yum!

After a wee skirmish finding the old school we headed north through the Col de la Croix and up through Gstaad and on to Gruyeres, once noted for the cheese but now for an army of tea rooms and cafes. It's still very pretty though but unseasonably hot (30C again) and the armies of elderly tourists  are struggling to get up the hill. We rode up to the sign and dumped the bikes in front of it in the manner of French persons. No comments from anyone.

From Gruyeres we rode cross country and found a more reasonably priced tea room at Romont for lunch and to get rid of the last of our Swiss Francs (very easy to do). The poppies are in bloom in the hills and it all looks gorgious.

IMG 0317We finally arrived with the afternoon thunderstorm at an Ibis in Pontarlier. The tempreture dropped by 10C with the onset of the storm but luckily we were just able to get into the hotel before the rain got us too wet.

Sadly the Ibis is a way out of town so we can't look around but what we saw looked ok and that's the hotel that there was!

Tonight looks like we shall be eating in the hotel :(