IMG 0311A short run today first to Sion, marred by a visit into my jacket by some sort of bitey bug, then on to Villars via Aigle.

It very quickly got very hot this morning and by Sion we were very warm (temperature 33-34C) and we stopped at a Coop store (a sort of supermarket) with a restaurant below. Not bad and we were able to buy bottled water for a sensible price in the supermarket.

Today is apparently a public holiday here which explains some of the getting a room issues we have had and the motorcycle hoards we have encountered. The scenery is very pretty but the heat is draining.

We plan to leave Switzerland for France tomorrow but the question is how far can we go without melting.

Having settled in our hotel, with a good shower, we wandered over the road to the station and took the train up to Bretaye, one of the funny railways with a cog as the driving wheel, followed by a walk down to the town bridge. Both of which were very pleasant.

IMG 0312The sky clouded over and we just managed to get back to the hotel before the Heavens opened for an evening thunderstorm. This limited our evening meal choices even more than the public hoilday and we headed across the road to La Gourmondine, TripAdvisors number 6 ranked cafe here.

Sadly La Gourmondine is anything but and offered a "big Burger" where the patties are Birds Eye frozen. Disgusting but not cheap. A new low for Swiss cuisine.