IMG 0296Curiously the breakfast eggs at the Ambient Hotel Freieck are under strict control. Only the overcooked ones are available and the freshly cooked ones are held prisoner by madame on the hotplate. Perhaps it is a system like the Clacket Lane sandwiches?

A brief wander around Chur convinced us that the one night stay was the right move, not that we could have taken another night of the frenzied bell banging. The old town is just that, with little to recommend it. The shops (like the hotels and restaurants) are wildly overpriced.

The ride up the Rhein valley to Walensee is likewise unremarkable. Lots of industry, picture book chalets, houses high on the mountain meadows etc etc. The towns/villages on the Walensee (a large lake) are better but still not a reason to come to here.

We had an excellent and huge and ruinously expensive kebab lunch in Mollis just to the south of the lake before moving on to the Klausenpass road.

IMG 0293To say the views are spectacular would be a gross understatement however we suspect that most of the motorcycle riders are not looking at the view, just going as fast as possible around the terrifying bends.

The predictable happened and on one bend we found a huge truck and trailer and a large camper van mated together, blocking the road. Eventually the truck ground forward with who knows what damage to the camper. we did not hang about or care.

An ice cream at Brunnen (we may have actually bought the shop rather than just the two cones I asked for) and the final run into Lucerne. On the basis of a weekend I spent here 45 years ago we've booked for 2 nights. Hopefully they have kept it as nice as it used to be.

Later: The Renaissance hotel was easy to find (we selected it because of it's senior discounts) and the attic room is an interesting design but I do have to watch my head.

IMG 0295After a bit of laundry and a needed shower (it got up to 29C this afternoon) we headed out to have a look around and get dinner. The hotel is near the station and university and friday night finds many out and about in the bars spilling out onto the street being noisy and messy. Generally a very unattractive look.

Restaurant Rossini on the river was at best ok but we struck up a conversation with a German biker at the next table (the tables are very close) who gave us some tips on where to go. After dinner we discovered a far better selection of restaurants on the other side of the river.

One disappointment is that the ancient Chapel Bridge had a fire 20 years ago and much of it was damaged including the 17th C paintings.