IMG 0283La Perla has an excellent breakfast and a shuttle down to the ferry. An all day concession on the ferry costs €15 each which we think excellent value. Sadly the day is overcast and rain is forecast but luckily this does not eventuate. Quite cool though.

The shock of the day is that one of what we take to be the owners has changed from blonde to brunette overnight and she no longer recognises us (like most here people seem to think we are french and so speak accordingly). Turns out she has a twin sister here in the hotel. They really are identical (apart of course from the hair).

First stop Bellagio in the centre of the lake. Top flight shops and restaurants in charming olde worlde surroundings. Again fortunately not as crowded as we suspect it gets in the summer. The Lonely Planet suggests that mid week off season we will have it to ourselves but this is perhaps a little optimistic.

A number of people (women) were wandering about in rather impractical shoes. We had a good laugh with these two as there was no way she was going to make it down the steps unaided. "bravo".

IMG 0285After Bellagio (and another excellent pizza - altogether too much food though) on to Varenna for an hour then Menaggio for a walk around. We found Bellagio and Varenna on the eastern shore to be much more to our taste than the western shore where the main(?) road is. You can see the hotel with the pool in the lake which perhaps gives you an idea of the western shore.

Finally back at 6pm to be picked up by the shuttle bus up to La Perla

Overall the day would have not been that expensive had there not been ladies shops!