IMG 0275We could have gone on the car ferry but why would you not ride around the southern half of the lake? Well partly because the southern tip has a lot of grotty development and the road is busy, narrow and windy but otherwise of course you would. If you did not you would miss the wonderful scenery and the fantastic villlas that the rich have built over the past several hundered years.

A truck tried to wipe Mary out, luckily unsuccessfully, we assume he saw a bike and did not take in the extra width.

Lunch (very nice) in Laveno, more or less opposite Baveno, and then on up the lake fefore turning right into Switzerland.

IMG 0276I have now been from the UK through France, belgium, Holland, Italy, Switzerland and back into Italy without showing my passport. Two questions occur to me, first how does anyone in the UK or Europe know what the nett migration figure is? Thousands, perhaps but if no one is counting can it be other than a guess?

The other question is what purpose is served by the stupid queues in South America?

Lake Lugano is in two halves and the Swiss part is very ugly, especially the city. Sad. The  Italien part is really much less developed and much prettier,.

We finally get to Tremezzo where the coast is very built up and full of tourists.

IMG 0277Our pre booked hotel, La Perla, is way up the hill and is glorious, more on this later, now a shower and down for a drink.

Later. There is a trattoria just a 100m down the road, luckily or we would have needed a taxi as we are at least a couple of km from the lake front. We were able to sit on the deck watching a huge thunderstorm make its way up the lake. Fantastic. At least until it arrived and we had to beat a retreat indoors. 

In one sense it was good as we were able to have a chat with our fellow diners who were also trapped until the storm eased. A german couple and their cute daughter (3ish) and honeymooners from Phildelphia.