IMG 0272The third night was the best choice. It poured during the night but luckily had cleared up this morning.
A wander down to the waterfront this morning for our usual breakfast then across to the ferry terminal. A bit of negotiation followed with the various water carriers and we were rewarded with a multi stop pass to the islands and to Stresa.

Overall this is a great day out, a walk along the opulent Stresa waterfront, up to the ski field (mottarone) on the cable car (x3), a run down the luge (scary), lunch at Piscatori (pizza), a walk around the Isola Bella gardens (this latter absolutely fantastic and I say this as a non garden aficionado) and several ferry rides.

I have to say that Largo Maggiore is one of the few places in the world that equals New Zealand scenery IMG 0274and you can quite see why people would come to live or holiday here. I am sure that during the summer it would be grossly overcrowded but at the moment (early June) it's fine.

This is an expensive day out and a raid on the ATM was needed. A French lady had me assist her with the ATM (in Italian). A case of the blind leading the blind I thought but it worked.

Despite our best endeavours we only got back after 6, in time for drinks down at the waterfront and a very pleasant dinner at Posta in the square, best we have had but I conclude that I am not really a fan of freshwater fish. The one downside we have found here is that smoking is permitted outside IMG 0269restaurants and cafes and it is truly horrid. The smell is offensive to us both.

We were joined at dinner  by an old lady and her poodle who were eating alone (well together actually but you know what I mean). Sadly our Italian is not much chop