IMG 0259Morning arrived a bit soon and sadly shared and mobile toilets leave a little to be desired even if you have your own cabin! The train travels at high speed which makes the very small cubical somewhat animated.

Breakfast is a poor showing with many plastic packets of factory made components purporting to be bread, jam, cheese, pate, orange juice and so forth. All close to inedible.

The hours delay at Den Boshe translates to the far end and we expect to arrive at around 11:30

Our bikes are at the tail end of the train so an hour is wasted getting them off. Fortunately it's not as hot as last time, only around 20C which makes for more pleasant waiting and certainly nicer riding conditions than Holland.

Mr Know All has unfortunately had his (very, very, very expensive) car damaged in transit. We are pretty sure we saw him drive over the securing brackets despite being told to stop so that's his delay.

IMG 0265Our first night is booked (I used TripAdvisor) at the Hotel Simplon in Baveno on Lago Maggiore somewhat to the north east of Milan. We take backroads over the flat, flat plain (acres of what we think are rice paddies then into the hills and past Orta S Guilio, another lovely lake. Clearly land prices are quite high in these parts.

Getting fuel has been an issue as neither of our cards is being accepted in the automated gas stations. Fortunately they take notes so apart from having to decide how much we need in advance that should not be a problem - now we have been shown how to work the machines.

The hotel is a bit more upmarket than our usual and the deal through TripAdvisor has put it into our budget albeit at the top end. Fortunatly it is very pleasant with a large, airy and quiet room with an excellent and most welcome shower. Breakfast however is another €16 per head and internet access €5 per hour. We shall have none of either!

A walk to the waterfront for a beer and a very good menu dinner round off what has been a long day